About Us

Clinical Technology Advisors is a leading management and technology consulting company helping physicians improve patient care and practice health through the effective and appropriate use of technology.

Our approach to this mission is shaped by a few tenets. At CTA, we believe:

  • Health care delivery will be radically altered by technology creating new challenges and new opportunities. Whether change is driven by government or the healthcare industry, health information technology will be a cornerstone of the new healthcare system. That technology will unleash a second wave of change driven by demand from a newly empowered consumer.
  • Understanding the health care business is critical to delivering effective technology that drives advances in care and financial health.
  • There is no one right technology. Every practice has a different set of goals and objectives. Every practice starts in a different place. Staffs are different. Processes are different. So it makes sense that no solution will work for everyone. However, there is a right technology for your practice.
  • The solution is more than the technology. When implementing new technology, most attention is spent on selecting the vendor. Critical aspects such as process, workflow, infrastructure readiness and staff acceptance are given short shrift. Choosing the right application vendor is important but it does not ensure success.
  • You deserve competent objective advice. Many doctors are left to rely on vendor advice or anecdotes from colleagues. Decisions based on overly optimistic projections or incomplete information plant the seeds of delay, missed expectations, lost revenue and even outright failure.

Your time is better spent treating patients. Enough said.

Because of this you can rely on CTA to be:

  • Focused on physicians’ practices. Our focus ensures a deep familiarity with the challenges faced by doctors offices achieving better results through information technology.
  • Technology and vendor agnostic. We believe every technology has its place. The challenge comes in selecting the right solution for your practice. That can only be done with an array of solutions to chose from. Our independence ensures that you receive the best guidance from an objective expert.
  • A complete solution. CTA provides expert advice, strategy development, project management, architecture and design, implementation and support. With CTA, doctors concentrate on their patients not their technology.

With CTA, you have a partner that measures their success through your success.