Meaningful Use Management

Meaningful Use Management

Achieving Meaningful Use of Electronic Medical Records continues to be a challenge for physician practices as the requirements evolve and become more demanding. Physicians entering Stage 2 must attest to more measures, meet higher thresholds, share records with patients and other providers, and demonstrate clinical results. In 2014, providers will submit data electronically rather than through manual entry. Lastly, careful documentation is critical. Providers should expect more scrutiny of their filings as audits increase.

With our 3-step process, Clinical Technology Advisors, LLC will ensure your practice meets these new objectives and receives federal reimbursement.


With the new standards for 2014 many changes are required to prepare for meaningful use.  CTA will ensure that your technology is ready, assist you with measure selection, and optimize your workflow to minimize changes to practice procedures. CTA will train providers and staff on the new requirements and assess provider ability to achieve meaningful use prior to the measure period.


During the measure period, CTA will regularly report on provider progress on meeting standards so that the practice may adjust to ensure success.


CTA will compile a final attestation package. This documentation of success will support the practice in case of an audit and assist providers and the practice in submitting meaningful use results to receive reimbursement.

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