Clinical Technology Advisors, LLC provides a full suite of services to assist healthcare practices with all issues at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Whether the challenge is achieving HIPAA compliance, meeting meaningful use, integrating with Hospitals, planning and budgeting for technology, selecting and implementing new technology or managing existing technology CTA can help. Our expertise includes the following areas.

Consulting: CTA offers objective in all system and technology areas. Our structured assessment services establish business and clinical requirements, create structured evaluations of alternatives to ensure a valid comparison and an analytical approach to weighing the options and making decisions.

Security: Complying with HIPAA and other security laws and regulations is no longer an academic exercise. New rules establish more severe penalties and stronger enforcement methods. Yet achieving real compliance can be fraught with difficult decisions. Bad choices can lead to wasted investments. CTA can provider risk assessment, policy development, procedure development and staff training ensuring that investments are effective and appropriate.

Design and Implementation: successful deployment of any technology requires adapting both the system and the practice to achieve the goal. Careful planning, implementation and testing of technology combined with workflow development and staff training is key to success. CTA can coordinate and deliver implementations complimenting your staff skills and experience.

Monitoring, Maintenance and Management: All technology needs attention to ensure that is working properly and updated regularly. CTA provides technology management services to ensure your systems perform as expected. These services are delivered for a cost-effective fixed fee.