CareCrypt Data Protection Service

You have probably seen the commercial.

“A doctor running late for a medical convention loses his computer, exposing thousands of patient records to identity theft. … “

It is not surprising that doctor’s are singled out – more than half of the breaches reported on the federal website are the result of the loss or theft of computers. These account for nearly 40% of the patient records lost.

While the risk to patients is high – errors in medical records, lost insurance coverage, credit problems and others – the cost to physician’s practices are real and severe. Practices that suffer a breach have to:

  • Identify and notify by mail every patient affected – in some cases advertising the local media when specific patients can’t be identified
  • Pay for credit reporting services for each patient affected
  • Coordinate with federal investigators who investigate the incident and review the physician’s security practices and procedures
  • Discipline and or retrain staff
  • Invest in new technology to remediate vulnerabilities

All of this can cost tens of thousands of dollars – and it can be avoided with simple, inexpensive easy to use data encryption technology.


CTA’s CareCrypt is a cost-effective, turnkey service using industry leading disk encryption technology. This technology is approved under HIPAA regulations to protect practices from the breach notification rule penalties. CTA will encrypt your practice’s computers, provide training, documentation and data recovery services. Contact Us for a quote.