Clinical CIO

You run a medical practice, not a technology company. So why pay for an IT director or CIO? Clinical CIO service provides seasoned executive technology leadership to medical practices at a fraction of the price of a full time employee. We provide strategy development, IT bugeting and planning, architecture design, staff development and application and platform selection services focused on medical practices. Our experience ensures an effective IT environment that meets your goals within your budget.

Features Benefits
Strategy Development Align IT objectives and projects with business goals
IT Business Planning Develop budget, timeframes and resource assignments to meet defined goals
Project management Coordinate activities of staff and vendors to ensure successful project completion
Architecture Design Organize IT resources to efficiently and effectively provide services
Process Development Identify and define critical processes to ensure IT services meet defined service levels
Vendor Selection and Negotiation Manage vendor relations to obtain the best possible prices for equipment and services
Staff Management Direct, mentor and train staff in activities to ensure effective service
Risk Assessment Identify technical and security risks and strategies to mitigate risks in the context of regulation and defined policies.