EMR Adoption

For most practices, converting from paper charts to electronic records is a daunting task. It affects all aspects of patient care from check-in and encounter to dictation, labs and referrals. Every business process within your practice will be changed. Yet, like all projects when appropriately organized, the conversion becomes understandable and manageable. That’s why CTA has developed a 5-stage process to guide medical practices in EMR adoption. When followed, this process ensures successful implementation. No matter where you are in the process, CTA can move you forward.


In this stage, your practice must set clear goals for the EMR adoption. Like any journey, you cannot reach your goal if you do not know where you’re going. There are many reasons to adopt an EMR system and your staff members will have different goals and concerns. All are valid, but not all can be accomplished at the outset. Prioritization is critical to success and staff involvement is critical. During initiation, everyone is heard and everyone understands the destination. CTA’s EMR Quick Start uses a comprehensive 200 point checklist to guide your practice through the initiation process.

Vendor Selection

Selecting the right vendor is the single most important decision that you will make in the EMR process. The EMR software will dictate much of what is possible and what investments need to be made to be successful. Careful attention to both functional and technical requirements and a meaningful scoring method to compare solutions objectively will lead to the best choice for your practice. CTA’s vendor selection and contract negotiation services will help your practice select the best solution to meet yourtheir unique needs.

Assessment and Planning

Once you have selected the vendor, you may believe you have all the pieces. It is important to step back and make sure everything is considered. Examine everything including current work-flows, systems, network, remote access, integration with other systems, order management, chart conversion, training and testing. A good plan will ensure there are no surprises during implementation, provide an accurate budget and realistic time frame for meeting your objectives. CTA’s EMR assessment service works with your practice to create a practical plan to ensure success.


It’s time to work the plan. There are many items to be coordinated and strong project management skills are required to make sure everything fits together. CTA will track and resolve your issues rigorously. You still have patients to see, let CTA manage your project. With our management services, we coordinate all aspects, keep you informed and ensure on time and on budget delivery.

EMR Enhancement

Now that you have the system up and running, there is more value for your practice. With clinical and demographic reporting, work-flow tuning and partner integration, your EMR system can continue to improve your practice’s patient care and bottom line. CTA can help.