EMR Quick Start

The challenge with starting an EMR project is that you don’t know what you don’t know. Get your EMR journey off to a strong start with CTA’s Jump Start service. CTA will review your practice for all the factors critical to a successful EMR deployment and ensure you have a framework for success. CTA consultants will:

  • Help your practice set clear, measureable and achievable goals.Your EMR deployment will stay on track with a clear definition of success.
  • Assess technology infrastructure to determine investments needed to meet requirements for reliability, performance and end-user support.
  • Teach staff how to document practice workflow to get the most out of the EMR deployment.
  • Inventory staff skills to determine what training is required.
  • Provide an EMR adoption road map to guide the deployment.
  • Most practices say they wish the spent more time planning for the EMR deployment. CTA’s EMR Jump Start service creates a plan for your EMR journey.