EMR Selection

All practices recognize vendor selection as a defining point in the EMR adoption process. However, few practices have a structured method for evaluating vendors. Some practices adopt a more ad-hoc approach. This leads to decisions that are unduly influenced by the most vocal participants, do not reflect the needs of the entire practice or are based on visible features such as the user interface to the exclusion of flexibility, system integration and performance. Others practices rely on online surveys or checklists which appear comprehensive but are not sensitive to the particular circumstances of the practice.

CTA offers a proven methodology for determining the best fit solution for your practice. We develop a comprehensive set of requirements that are based on:

  • Your practice’s needs, resources, goals and plans
  • Currently implemented technology and road map
  • Industry standard evaluation criteria

These requirements are then weighted to reflect the particular situation in your practice and a scorecard is created.

An initial round of evaluations against mandatory requirements results in a set of vendor finalists. These vendors’ solutions are then reviewed against the defined requirements and the score card is used to generate a raw score. This score is paired with written observations to support a final recommendation.

Once a vendor has been selected, CTA can assist with contract negotiation. Our knowledge of competitive pricing ensures the selected products and services are obtained under the most favorable terms and pricing.