Health Care Faces Heightened Security Scrutiny

With the federal government delegating enforcement of HIPAA laws to state and local authorities or Center for Medicare and Medicaid services performing the first audits of security risk assessments, health care providers are facing increased scrutiny in an area which has had little previous enforcement. Beyond that, all providers are subject to the state consumer privacy protection laws on the books in more than 40 states. HIPAA Compliance

With the black market value of an electronic health record worth more than 10 times that of a credit card, provider networks and systems are coming under increasing attack. The threat is real. CTA delivers knowledge and tools to help providers manage the risk and satisfy regulation.  Let CTA help you today.

Security Risk Assessment –  A objective assessment of security threats and vulnerabilities is the starting point for establishing a cost effective security plan. Required by HIPAA, the security risk assessment allows providers to weigh the relative risks of threats and to prioritize investments accordingly.  Threats are endless, money is not.

Security Policy Development – Many people assume managing security involves virus scanning, software patching and other technology activities. But security management is more about maintaining control of the information and limiting and tracking access.  Being able to demonstrate through policies, procedures and record keeping that your practice can effectively control use of protected information is key to maintaining security. CTA will help you develop or improve

Security Education – The largest threat to information security is not technology but people. Ensuring that people understand why protecting patient information and privacy is important and how they can protect information is critical to achieving security. Providing periodic training reinforces a culture that values the security of patient information. CTA can help you create and maintain a cost effective and meaningful security training program.