HIPAA Security Training

HIPAA Security Training

HIPAA training made enjoyable

Enjoyable HIPAA Training

Federal HIPAA regulations require all health care providers (and other covered entities) to train their employees to protect their patient data. Providers must also maintain records of that training to demonstrate compliance. Providers are subject to increased penalties if they fail to train their employees or maintain the documentation.

CTA’s online training program makes it easy for providers to give their employees access to high-quality effective training. Once employees complete the training, they can print a certificate of completion and employer’s receive a record of the completion.


CTA’s HIPAA security training features include:

  • Interesting and engaging training videos – HIPAA is boring no more!
  • HIPAA training for existing and new employees
  • Retrain employees on an annual basis
  • Provide employee compliance testing
  • View compliance reports that show when employees were trained and their compliance testing scores
  • Employee Security Reminders
  • Affordable!!